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Let’s talk a little about upcoming Record Store day and all the exciting releases and ALSO re-mastered Oasis vinyls like damn I’m so happy????

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If a British band ruined your life clap your hands

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i am in tears
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Alex Turner doing a Liam and throwing the mic OMFg

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I love Harry Styles endlesslely but FUCK YES NOEL MY MAIN MAN

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Permalink | 106 notes "Noel and Liam are brothers so it will be alright. Don’t worry. Blood is much thicker than music. Could I bring them together for a Teenage Cancer show? Ask me next year." — Roger Daltrey on a possible Oasis reunion for the 15th anniversary of the Teenage Cancer Trust concerts in 2015 (30th January 2014)

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liam gallagher of oasis screaming his lungs out